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Why Laravel Training in Nepal? Scopes and Career

Are you looking for laravel training in kathmandu? Laravel is a web application framework with an expressive, elegant syntax. This php framework attempts to take the pain out of development by easing common tasks used in the majority of web projects like authentication, routing, sessions, and caching.

Laravel is a PHP framework. In an independent 3rd party survey, it has been found that the PHP programming language is currently the most popular language for Web Development worldwide. Laravel is a not a new framework, released in 2011. However, it possesses a huge ecosystem in Nepal. Hence,  Laravel Developers can have high paid jobs in Nepal.

A person working as a PHP Developer in Nepal typically earns around 35,000 NPR per month. If you search for jobs in LinkedIn or Job Portals, you can see number of companies hiring Laravel Developers. There is good scope of Laravel Developers in Nepal.

It is very difficult to switch a system built in one platform to another. For example: you have big software built in PHP, it’s neither cost or time effective to develop new same system in other Language. As there are thousands of big software’s and websites built in Laravel in Nepal. You can also include Machine Learning Concepts using Python in Laravel with ease.

We can build easy APIs using Laravel. So that we can use them in other websites or mobile applications. Data shows mobile application use will grow in coming future in high numbers. Complicated mobile apps need powerful APIs and Laravel is best for that.

Hence, Laravel has good career in Nepal.

Benefits of Laravel Training in Nepal:

As mentioned, Laravel has very good career scope in Nepal. You can get high paying guaranteed jobs and you can use Laravel for working with Machine Learning as well as App Development. Some major benefits of Laravel Training are:

  1. High Chance of Getting Jobs
  2. High Paying job in Nepal
  3. Number of companies using Laravel framework
  4. Powerful Framework
  5. Can work with other Languages
  6. Rich in APIs.

Which are other Web Development frameworks?

There are many web development frameworks like Laravel in PHP like WordPress, Drupal, CakePHP etc. However, WordPress and Laravel are much powerful and hence famous PHP frameworks.

In case of Python you can do Flask, Cherry Py or Django Training in Nepal. As python is very powerful in itself. Choosing Django as a career can give you good career scope in Nepal (if you want to enhance your career in AI/BI in future).

JavaScript framework Node.JS is also very popular web development framework in Nepal. You can join our Node Js Training Session in Nepal and grab career in JavaScript.

Best Laravel Training in Nepal?

  1. I am sure you are now clear about Laravel Training Scopes and Career in Nepal. In gist, I have to say, Laravel Training is very good career in Nepal. There are many agencies which work in laravel. But, where to join for laravel training? Are there any best IT Training Institute in Nepal? Yes, IIT Nepal has produced many successful laravel developer in Nepal. Join Professional laravel training with IIT Nepal and enjoy your great career ahead.

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