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Web Design Training Nepal


2 Months

Career Option

Web Designer/ Front Designer

Group Size

2-10 Persons


Get the guaranteed internship opportunity on completion of Web Designing Training in Nepal with IIT Nepal. Get an opportunity to interact and learn from highly qualified and experienced tutor at IIT Nepal. Utilize your creative flare into a satisfying career in web designing, establish the proper networking and get exposure by the help of IIT Nepal and increase your chances of getting hired by the IT companies in Nepal.

Web designing is not just about creating the web pages to display content and images using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. However, it is about adding the extra flavor of creativity and uniqueness to the web pages. With IIT Nepal, you’ll learn to blend the perfect composition of ideas and creativity into designing the best website for the industry. This is going to add extra advantages to your portfolio.

IIT Nepal is the best web designing training institute in Kathmandu with the complete structured syllabus. This syllabus is designed in such a way that it matches requirements of each and every web design companies or digital interactive organizations in Nepal. This course is a combination of both the design and development of a front-end of the website. The front-end or the user interface is something that requires comfortable access, navigation and attractive looks. With tutor at IIT Nepal, you’ll learn to design and develop trending User Interfaces in the front-end of the web pages.

Web Design Training Nepal

The course basics involve the learning of HTML, CSS and JavaScript to design and develop the powerful user interfaces of any websites. IIT Nepal web designing training course is not about making trainees web designing skill polished, it’s about making them creative.

We offer free demo classes before enrolling for the course at IIT Nepal. Learning is fun at IIT

Syllabus of Web Design Training Nepal

  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • Responsive Web Development
  • Responsive Flow
  • Final Touch
  • Bootstrap Framework
  • Javascript
  • JavaScript Events & Functions
  • jQuery

Detail Study

  • HTML 5
    1. Introduction to HTML
    2. All About HTML Tags
    3. Making Ordered and Unordered Lists
    4. Images, Attributes and Lists
    5. Organizing HTML with Divs and HTML 5
    6. Embedding Objects with Iframe
    7. Head Body and Meta Tags
    8. HTML best Practices


  • CSS 3
    1. Introduction to CSS
    2. Styling Text and other HTML elements
    3. Font Files and Web Fonts
    4. Backgrounds, Colors and Colors
    5. Height, Width and Box model
    6. Differentiating between Elements: Classes and IDs!
    7. Layout and Floating
  • Responsive Web Development
    1. Introduction to Mobile First
    2. Structuring your Files (File Naming Cheat sheet)
    3. Working with Browser Inspector
    4. Adding Media Queries to your project
    5. Setting Up Breakpoints
    6. Responsive Typography & Google web Fonts
  • Responsive Flow
    1. Getting Started with Boilerplate
    2. Making Your Project Fluid
    3. Responsive Grids in Action
    4. Coding your Style Titles
    5. Adding responsive images
    6. Responsive iframes
    7. Intro to Icon Fonts and Font Awesome
  • Final Touch
    1. Finishing your Project
    2. Testing your Website
    3. Introduction to Flexbox
    4. Introduction to Flexbox Grids
    5. Using Flexbox Layouts
  • Bootstrap Framework
    1. Introduction to Bootstrap.
    2. Bootstrap Files CSS
      • JS
    3. Bootstrap Essentials jQuery
      1. Popper.js
    4. Getting Started with Bootstrap
      1. Installation
      2. Bootstrap CDN
    5. Jump to Bootstrap Documentation
      1. Bootstrap Defaults
        1. Container and Containers Fluid
        2. Responsive Breakpoints
        3. Z-index
    6. Grid system and Options
    7. Utilities for Layout
      1. Changing display
      2. Flexbox options
      3. Margin and padding
      4. Toggle visibility
    8. Typography
      1. Global settings
      2.  Headings
      3. Display Headings
      4.  Lead
      5. Inline text-elements
      6.  Code
      7.  Images
      8.  Tables
      9. Figures
    9. Bootstrap Reusable Components
      1.  Alerts
      2.  Badge
      3.  Breadcrumb
      4.  Buttons
      5.  Card
      6.  Carousel
      7.  Collapse
      8.  Dropdowns
      9.  Modal
      10. Navs and Navbar
      11. Pagination
    10. Utilities
      1.  Borders
      2.  Clearfix
      3. Close Icons
      4.  Colors
      5. Display Embed
      6.  Flex
      7.  Float
      8.  Overflow
      9.  Position
      10.  Shadow
      11. Vertical align
      12.  Visibility
      13. Icons
  • Javascript
    1. Basic OOPS Concepts
    2. Introduction to JavaScript
    3. JavaScript & HTML
    4. The DOM: Objects in the Browser
    5. Conditionals & Control Flow
    6. Repetitive Code
  • JavaScript Events & Functions
    1. Getting Started with Events
    2. User-Triggered Events
    3. All about Functions
    4. The Browser Environment
    5. Even More Events!
  • jQuery
    1. Introduction to jQuery
    2. Working with jQuery Objects
    3. Reading JavaScript Documentation
    4. Libraries, Plugins, and Widgets
    5. Loops, Chaining and Refactoring
    6. Using jQuery Plugins



Internet and digital communication are in exponential growth in Nepal hence, creative web pages are the prior requirements for the businesses in Nepal. Many organizations are missing leads because of boring web interfaces. Hence, creating the trending web pages with best user interfaces is something that every business need. With web designing training course in IIT Nepal, you’ll be able to create the best user interface meeting the requirement of the business organizations in Nepal. Hence, you can develop the best portfolio and get the exposure to the industry with IIT Nepal that increases your chance of getting hired.

There are no basics requirements for learning web designing training course in IIT Nepal. However, the basics of computer is mandatory. And it would be better that you have some hunger and eagerness to learn, a passion towards web and digital industry.

Yes, obviously. After the completion of the Web designing training course with IIT Nepal and completing a mock project you are going to get certified by IIT Nepal.

Yes, obviously. The prior goal of our institute is to produce the skilled individuals for the IT Industry in Nepal. Hence, we will provide you 2-3-month internship opportunity to polish your skills and enhance your real-world working skills.

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