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React JS Training Nepal


2 Months

Career Option

React developer / Front End Developer / Front End Engineer

Group Size

2-10 Persons


IIT Nepal provides professional React JS Training in Nepal. React is a library of JavaScript that forces you to think regarding components. This conceptual model fits well with user interfaces. It could feel out of place at first, depending on your experience. You will need to think about the idea of state very carefully and where it belongs.

Given the difficulty of state management, there are a number of solutions. We proceed with managing the state ourselves and then push it towards a Flux implementation titled Alt. A variety of other choices available, such as Redux, MobX and Cerebral, are also implemented.In the sense that it includes an escape hatch, React is pragmatic.

Once the React JS course has been successfully completed, web developers can develop high-performance applications with small, reusable React JS components. Thus we have a professional React JS training course that guides developers with less effort and time to develop front-end programs. We are one of Kathmandu’s famous & reliable IT training centers with qualified instructors in Nepal.

React JS Training Nepal

So, join IIT Nepal for the best React JS Training in Nepal.

Syllabus of React JS Training Nepal

  • JavaScript
  • React Native Installation
  • First React Native Project
  • Style with React Native
  • Http Request with react native
  • Handling the component layout
  • Authentication with firebase
  • Redux
  • Firebase

Detail Study

  • JavaScript
    1. Basic JavaScript syntax
    2. JavaScript function
    3. ES6 function
  • React Native Installation
    1. Install react native with expo
    2. Install react native with React native cli
    3. Install Android studio and setup its configurations
  • First React Native Project
    1. Project Directory walkthrough
    2. Getting content on the scree
    3. React vs React Native
    4. Creating component with JSX
    5. Registering the component
  • Style with React Native
    1. Styling with react native
    2. Introduction with flexbox
    3. Nativebase package
  • Http Request with react native
    1. Fetching the data from the server
    2. Render the data to list
  • Handling the component layout
    1. Mastering layout with flexbox
    2. Positioning of Elements on Mobile
    3. More on styling
    4. Image with react native
  • Authentication with firebase
    1. What is firebase
    2. Firebase client setup
    3. Login form scaffolding
    4. Handling user inputs
    5. Password input
    6. Processing authentication credentials
    7. Error Handling
  • Redux
    1. Basic of redux
    2. Redux store
    3. Redux action
    4. Redux dispatcher
  • Firebase
    1. Firebase JSON schema
    2. Data Security in firebase
    3. Creating the records with firebase
    4. Data save to firebase
    5. Fetching the data from firebase


We provide the best react js training in Nepal as per the current industry standards. Likewise, after the completion of React Js course with IIT Nepal, trainee can secure placement in several well known organizations in Nepal. In addition to that IIT Nepal is one of the most recommended and well known React Js training institute in Nepal which offers hands on practical implementation with some of the top industrial experts. The training is provided by the professional tutor with a better working experience in corporate level implementing real-time React Js projects.

→ After completing the React JS course one can work as React Developer, can work as UI/UX developer and front-end developer. → Pure JavaScript and HTML. → Easy to Learn. → Usually Best for Mobile Applications Development.

Anyone who have interest in Web Development, web designing and mobile app development and wish to learn about the cutting-edge technology can join React Js Training course with IIT Nepal.

You can use React Native which is the extended form of React JS for cross platform app development. You can build android and IOS app using React Native but not React JS itself.

Yes! You can get interns/jobs for React JS Developers in Nepal. Good number of companies are working in React JS and React Native in Nepal.

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