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Python Django Training Nepal


2 Months

Career Option

Software Engineer / Web Developer

Group Size

2-10 Persons


IIT Nepal provides professional Python with Django Training in Nepal. Python is open source scripting language. Python is simple, easy and fast programming language. In recent years, there is huge growth in AI with Python Language. Hence, Python is one of top Programming Language. Django is a web development framework built in python. Django uses power of python to develop amazing websites in an hour. Some popular websites like Instagram, Quora, YouTube, Outlook are built using Python. So, you can imagine the use of Python in Web Development and its future.

Django is python web framework which works in MVT Pattern (Model, View, Template). Django provides auto generated back end. It speeds up web development works. Hence, Django is best for rapid Application development. In context of Nepal, top companies use Django on their website and many companies works on Django Framework for their clients. The fact shows, its growing and Django could be next popular web development framework in Nepal.

In gist, we train you from the basics of Python to installation of Django Framework and use it’s features for developing beautiful websites. We teach you how to create a database called model in Django, create a template, map the views and make migrations. Our Django course teach you the core concepts of Django, starting from the basics to advanced.

Python Django Training Nepal

Hence, Join Python Django Training at IIT Nepal and learn how to develop powerful websites in python from our highly qualified and well-experienced industry expert at a best cost. We offer free demo classes before enrolling for the course at IIT Nepal. Learning is fun at IIT.

Syllabus of Python Django Training Nepal

  • Installation, Python Basics and it’s Data type
  • Conditional branching and loops
  • Function and OOP
  • File Handling and Exception Handling
  • Django Installation and View
  • Django Model
  • Django Form and Form sets
  • Django Template
  • Class Based View
  • RESTful API
  • Django Testing and Project Deployment

Detail Study

  • Installation, Python Basics and it’s Data type
    1. Installation
    2. Print and string
    3. Math (mathematical operation)
    4. String
    5. List
    6. Tuple
    7. Dictionary
    8. Sets
  • Conditional branching and loops
    1. If statement
    2. If else statement
    3. If else if statement
    4. for each loop
    5. while loop
  • Function and OOP
    1. Create function
    2. Function with parameter
    3. *kwarg and **arg
    4. Lambda expression
    5. Global and local variable
    6. Map and filter
    7. Create class
    8. Create object
    9. _ _ init _ _ function
    10. Method in a class
    11. Modify the object properties
    12. Delete object properties
    13. Delete object
  • File Handling and Exception Handling
    • Create the file
    • Read the file
    • Write into the file
    • Append the file
    • Exception handling
    • Else keyword
  • Django Installation and View
    1. Django Installation and create the project
    2. Create the first view
    3. HTTP Response & HTTP Response Redirect
    4. Template Rendering
    5. Understanding Context
    6. User login required the decorator
    7. Detail view
    8. Create a view
    9. Update view
    10. Delete view
  • Django Model
    1. Starring a Django app
    2. Creating a simple model and make migrations
    3. Migrate
    4. The default value and Null value
    5. Boolean field
    6. Render model in Admin
    7. Django field choices
    8. _ _ str _ _ method in Django
    9. Built-in validation
    10. Custom field validation
    11. Overriding the save method
    12. Error messages & help text
    13. Timestamp & DateTime Field
    14. Playing with Python model API
  • Django Form and Form sets
    1. Introduction
    2. HTML Form
    3. First Django Form
    4. Render the form
    5. Form fields
    6. Collecting Data Via HTML form
    7. Collecting Data Via Django form
    8. Basic form validation
    9. Initial Form Data
    10. Form field label & widget
    11. Model form
    12. Custom error message
    13. Rendering form error in a view
    14. Rendering fields manually within a Template
    15. Django form sets
    16. Model form sets
    17. Model form and Query set in Model Form sets
  • Django Template
    1. Introduction
    2. Template filters
    3. For loops & cycle
    4. Inheritance
    5. Include with variables
  • Class Based View
    1. Abstract Base user
    2. Mail Sending through Gmail SMTP
    3. Reset Password
    4. Password change
    5. Session Framework
    6. Template View
    7. List View
    8. Generic View
    9. View
  • RESTful API


    1. Introduction
    2. JsonResponse
    3. Installing Django Rest
    4. Serialization
    5. Requests and ResponseUsing Postman
  • Django Testing and Project Deployment
    1. Perform the different unit testing techniques
    2. Deploy the project to live server


You must be favorable with the power of python in AI. Django is used to empower the python language. Hence, you can develop powerful websites in hour using Django. Many companies have switched to Django. It has very good career and future in terms of interns and jobs as well. After training, we do provide guaranteed interns for capable students.

After Python Django Training you will pursue: • Basics of Python Programming • Django framework and its installation and setup • Creating Forms, gathering user input and validations • Creating Models and Migrations • Django URL patterns • Using view as controller • Displaying views and loading templates with styling and JavaScript • Manage, control and create admin interfaces • Learn about REST APIs • Complete Web Development • Deploying the website

At IIT Nepal, we just do not teach you to code. We teach you to better understand problem and find its solution. Learning at IIT is very different than other (you can try our demo class). • We have produced more than 1000’s of IT Professionals who have been a part of large IT Companies in Nepal as well as abroad. • We train you from the well-experienced industry experts in Laravel. • IIT Provides Guaranteed Interns for capable students and hence job. • We are future oriented and train you for future not only for now!

You will receive Django Training Completion Certification in the form of a course completion certificate. It can be validated from our website and is accepted by hundreds of companies in Nepal. But you will only get certificate after completion of project.

Just to be sure you gathered good knowledge on Django framework after training at IIT Nepal, you assign a project to each individual. It’s compulsory project. You will get hands on familiarity with the concepts learnt in Django. Mentors will support you in building your project. We do not leave our students unless they become strong at web development using Django Framework in Nepal. Although we will introduce you the basics of Python, knowledge of Python programming will be best to join this course.

Django is one of the very fast and powerful web development framework. The number of companies are using Python for web development in their companies. With good level of Django Framework, one can easily get jobs in Nepal.

The Django Framework Web Developer with more than 2 years experience earns up to 30-45 thousand per month in Kathmandu, Nepal. As a freelancer you can earn much higher than this from Upwork, Indeed and so on. The companies like MeroJob, Khalti, Hamropatro uses Python as back-end in Nepal

We, here at IIT Nepal, provide various levels of Django Training. If you are a complete beginner, you can join Basic Python with Django Training. In this course module, you will be trained from 0 level. However, for those who have good idea of Web Development can join Intermediate or Advanced Django Course

Student Testimonials

Rajan Aryal

Rajan Aryal

Hello, I am a past student of IIT Nepal. I can positively say IIT Nepal has made me a better person. It gives me pleasure to say with pride that I have completed Python-Django course from IIT Nepal, Being a part of this course in IIT Nepal is like know your own individuality. Training and placement department continuously providing assistance regarding the placement. Thank you IIT Nepal

Diwash Biswakarma

Diwash Biswakarma

A friendly environment, with talented technical staff. Also a flexible time for course and content study. Market endurance test.

Preet Adhikari

Preet Adhikari

If you want to develop any sort of knowledge in the field of IT, this is the place to be. Of course, you have to do your part, but the important thing is, you need to keep up because of the quality of thorough, detailed tutoring process of this organization. There may be better institutes, but IIT is on a different level.

Hutraj Shrestha

Hutraj Shrestha

I love the way how IIT Nepal teaches to their students. Instructor were very helpful and always ready to help their students at every moment. Even now i’m consulting with them for any trouble.

Bikash KC

Bikash KC

IIT is very good at delivering the required knowledge to their students. Because of their small class and small number of students at a time, the instructor can guide each student by analyzing their abilities and disabilities.

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