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PHP Laravel


2 Months

Career Option

Web Developer

Group Size

2-10 Persons


PHP is open source scripting language. PHP is simple but fast to work with. These days more than 65% of website runs on PHP. There are a number of PHP frameworks that help make this language easier to adopt. Laravel is one of widely used PHP Framework due to its simple syntax and easy authentication using MVC architecture. It speeds up web development works. In context of Nepal, number of websites have been built in Laravel. Hence, IIT Nepal brings you PHP and Laravel Training Course in Kathmandu, Nepal for better understanding of fundamentals of the Laravel framework.

In gist, you will be trained from the basics of PHP to installation of Laravel Framework and use it’s features for developing beautiful websites in Nepal. At Laravel Training in Nepal, we will teach you how to create a database, create a template in blade template system and make migrations. You will learn complete web development from PHP Laravel after learning at IIT.

If you are interested in Web Development – then this Course is for you!

PHP Laravel

Join PHP Laravel Training at IIT Nepal and learn how to develop websites from scratch from our highly qualified and well-experienced industry expert at a best cost.

We offer free demo classes before enrolling for the course at IIT Nepal. Learning is fun at IIT.

Join the most exceptional PHP Laravel Training in Kathmandu. We provide you with the right platform with all types of assistance for your success.


  • Installing and Setting Up Laravel And Supporting Tool
  • Routing
  • Controllers
  • Request
  • Response
  • Database
  • Model
  • View
  • Laravel Forms & Html Component
  • Laravel Services

Detail Study

  • Installing and Setting Up Laravel And Supporting Tool
    1. Introduction to Laravel
    2. Concept of Composer
    3. Install & Use of Composer
    4. Installing Laravel using composer
    5. Install & Use of open source distributed version control system GIT
    6. Concept & Use of GitHub for hosting GIT repositories
    7. Configuring Laravel
    8. Project Structure
    9. Setting up Development and Debugging Tools
  • Routing
    1. Basic Routing
    2. Named Routing
    3. Grouped Routing
    4. Routing Parameters
    5. Handling Invalid Routes
    6. Route filtering with Middleware


  • Controllers
    1. Introduction
    2. Basic Controllers
    3. Restful Resource Controllers
    4. Controller Routing
    5. Controller Middleware
  • Request
    1. Handling Request Info.
    2. Request Inputs
    3. Form Inputs
    4. Old Inputs
    5. Cookies
    6. Files
  • Response
    1. Attach Headers and Cookie to response
    2. Response with View
    3. Response with JSON
    4. Response with File
  • Database
    1. Introduction
    2. Migration
    3. Schema Building
    4. Migration Structure
    5. Running Migration
    6. Writing Migration
    7. Seeding
    8. Database Configuration
    9. Running Raw SQL queries
  • Model
    1. Eloquent ORM
    2. Defining Model
    3. Retrieving Model
    4. Insert & Update Model
    5. Deleting Model
    6. Eloquent Relationship
    7. One to One
    8. One to Many
    9. Many to Many
  • View
    1. Passing data to view
    2. Sharing data to all views
    3. Blade Template Engine
    4. Introduction
    5. Template Inheritance
    6. Displaying Data
    7. Implement Control Structures
  • Laravel Forms & Html Component
    1. Installation
    2. Generating form
    3. CSRF Protection
    4. Form Elements
    5. Labels
    6. Text, Text Area, Password & Hidden Fields
    7. Checkboxes and Radio Buttons
    8. File Input
    9. Number Input
    10. Date Input
    11. Drop-Down Lists
    12. Buttons
    13. Custom Form Macros
  • Laravel Services
    1. Authentication of our application
    2. Introduction
    3. Configuring Auth Library
    4. Creating authentication system using Middleware
    5. Artisan Console
    6. Concept
    7. Exception Handling and Error Logging
    8. Laravel Helpers
    9. Briefing through available helpers
    10. Mail
    11. Configuring & sending mail
    12. Pagination
    13. Session
    14. Cache
    15. Event
    16. Localization
    17. Helps create Multi-language application
    18. Validation
    19. Validation approaches
    20. Validation Rules with associating messages
    21. Custom Rules with associating custom messages


Laravel is voted as one of the most popular frameworks for web development in the context of Nepal as well as whole world. As mentioned, still more than 65% of websites are built on PHP. PHP being prefeed language for web development, Laravel uses PHP to develop kickass websites in hours. It has good career and future in terms of job. After training, we do provide guaranteed interns for capable students.

After joining PHP Laravel Training in Nepal, you will pursue: • Laravel framework and its installation and setup • Creating Forms, gathering user input and validations • Creating databases • Using Controllers and Routes for APIs and URLs • Displaying views and loading templates • Deploying the website.

At IIT Nepal, we just do not teach you to code. We teach you to better understand problem and find its solution. Learning at IIT is very different than other (you can try our demo class). • We have produced more than 1000’s of IT Professionals who have been a part of large IT Companies in Nepal as well as abroad. • We train you from the well-experienced industry experts in Laravel. • IIT Provides Guaranteed Interns for capable students and hence job. • We are future oriented and train you for future not only for now!

You will receive PHP Laravel Training Certificate in the form of a course completion certificate. Certificate is available in both softcopy and hardcopy mode. It can be validated from our website and is accepted by hundreds of companies in Nepal. But you will only get certificate after completion of project.

Just to be sure you gathered good knowledge on PHP Laravel framework after training at IIT Nepal, you assign a project to each individual. It’s compulsory project. You will get hands on familiarity with the concepts learnt. Mentors will support you in building your project. We do not leave our students unless they become strong at Laravel.

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