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Flutter Framework Training Nepal


2 Months

Career Option

Mobile Application Developer

Group Size

2-10 Persons


IIT Nepal provides professional Flutter App Development Training in Nepal. Flutter is a free and open source Google mobile UI framework that provides a fast and expressive way for developers to build native apps on both IOS and Android. Flutter can also be used for web development. However, Flutter is highly used for Mobile Application Development since its introduction.

Fast Development, Expressive and Flexible UI, Hot Reload, Native Apps for IOS and Android, and high performance made flutter one of Top Mobile App Development Toolkit. Flutter helps to build amazing apps. The use of flutter is growing all around the world. Many companies in Nepal also have started Flutter for the development of Mobile Applications in cross-platform. Hence, we introduced Flutter App Development Training in Nepal to make you able to get your dream job or start your own.

Flutter is very easy to use and learn. You can develop awesome mobile applications in short time using Google’s Flutter Framework. Flutter has mentioned, “You can develop natively compiled applications for mobile, web, and desktop from a single code base using Flutter.” As it is google’s framework, you can have good career in Flutter App Development. Since various companies of Nepal are working Flutter you can get good jobs and interns in Nepal as well.

Flutter Framework Training Nepal

So? What are you waiting for? Join Flutter Framework Training at IIT Nepal and learn how to develop powerful mobile applications in Flutter from our highly qualified and well-experienced industry expert at a best cost. We are located in Bagbazaar, Kathmandu. We offer free demo classes before enrolling for the course at IIT Nepal. Learning is fun at IIT.


Syllabus of Flutter Framework Training Nepal

  • Introduction to Cross-Platform Development with Flutter and Dart
  • Setup and Installation
  • How to create Flutter Apps from Scratch
  • Running your app on Physical Device
  • UIs with Flutter Widgets
  • [Dart] Functions - Part 1
  • A Decision-Making App
  • Using Flutter and Dart Packages to Speed Up Development
  • Modularizing & Organizing Flutter Code
  • A Choose Your Own Adventure Game
  • Building Flutter UI for Intermediates
  • Powering Your Flutter App with Live Web Data
  • Simple Cryptocurrency Price Tracker
  • Flutter x Firebase Cloud Firestore
  • Flutter State Management

Detail Study

  • Introduction to Cross-Platform Development with Flutter and Dart
    1. What is Flutter?
    2. Why Flutter?
    3. The Anatomy of a Flutter App
    4. Course Resources
  • Setup and Installation
    1. Prerequisites for Flutter Development
    2. Overview of the Process
    3. Windows Setup:
      1. Install Flutter SDK
      2. Install Android Studio
      3. Install Android Emulator
    4. Mac setup
      1. Install Flutter SDK
      2. Install Android Studio/Xcode
      3. Install IOS Emulator
    5. Configuration of Flutter Development
  • How to create Flutter Apps from Scratch
    1. Creating a New Flutter
    2. Scaffolding a Flutter App
    3. Working with Assets in Flutter & the Pubspec file
    4. How to add app icons to IOS and Android Apps
  • Running your app on Physical Device
    1. Deploying Flutter Apps to an Android / IOS Phone
  • UIs with Flutter Widgets
    1. Business Card App
    2. Hot Reload and Hot Restart – Flutter Power Tools
    3. How to Use Container Widgets
    4. How to use Column & Row Widgets for Layout
    5. Flutter Layouts Challenge
    6. Tapping into Widget Properties
    7. Incorporating Custom Fonts in Your Flutter App
    8. Adding Material Icons with the Icon Widget
    9. Flutter Card & ListTile Widgets
    10. Building Apps with State
    11. Dicee – A Stateful Dice App
    12. Using the Expanded Widget to Create Flexible Layouts
    13. How to Use Intention Actions
    14. Adding Gesture Detection with Flutter Button Widgets
  • [Dart] Functions - Part 1
    1. Making the Dice Image Change Reactively
    2. [Dart] Variables
    3. [Dart] Data Types
    4. Stateful vs. Stateless Widgets – What’s the Difference?
  • A Decision-Making App
    1. Step 1 – Set Up the Project
    2. Step 2 – Create a Stateless Widget
    3. Step 3 – Create a Stateful Widget
    4. Step 4 – Make it Interactive
    5. Step 6 – Update the State
  • Using Flutter and Dart Packages to Speed Up Development
    1. Xylophone – A Simple Musical Instrument App
    2. What is Flutter & Dart Packages?
    3. How to Play Sound Across Platforms
    4. How to Play Multiple Sounds
    5. [Dart] Functions – Part 2
    6. Updating the UI of Our App
    7. [Dart] Functions – Part 3
    8. [Dart] Functions Challenge
    9. Refactoring Our App
    10. [Dart] Arrow Functions
  • Modularizing & Organizing Flutter Code
    1. Building a Score Keeper
    2. [Dart] Lists
    3. Displaying the Questions
    4. Checking User Answers
    5. [Dart] Conditionals – IF/ELSE
    6. More Dart Programming Challenges
    7. Creating a Question Class
    8. [Dart] Classes and Objects
    9. Abstraction in Action
    10. Encapsulation in Action
    11. Inheritance in Action
    12. Polymorphism in Action
    13. Adding Back the Score Keeper
    14. [Dart] Class Constructors
  • A Choose Your Own Adventure Game
    1. Set Up the Project
    2. Familiarize Yourself with the Starting Project
    3. Adding an Image as a Background
    4. Solutions on GitHub
    5. Create a New Story Class
    6. Create the Story Brain
    7. Display the Story in the App
    8. Display the Choices in the App
    9. Update the Story Based on User Choice
    10. Use the Story Plan to Progress through the Story
    11. Restart the Game When the User Reaches the End
    12. Renaming and Refactoring Using Android Studio
    13. Hiding Buttons
  • Building Flutter UI for Intermediates
    1. How to Use Flutter Themes
    2. How to Refactor Flutter Widgets
    3. [Dart] Final vs. Const
    4. Creating Custom Flutter Widgets
    5. The Gesture Detector Widget
    6. [Dart] Enums
    7. [Dart] Ternary Operator
    8. [Dart] Functions as First Order Objects
    9. The Flutter Slider Widget
    10. Customizing Widgets with Themes
    11. Composition vs. Inheritance – Building Flutter Widgets from Scratch
    12. Multi-Screen Apps Using Routes and Navigation
    13. [Dart] Maps
    14. Designing the Result Page
    15. Adding the BMI Calculator Functionality
  • Powering Your Flutter App with Live Web Data
    1. Getting Location Data From Across Platforms
    2. [Dart] Futures, Async & Await
    3. Stateful Widget Lifecycle Methods
    4. [Dart] Exception Handling & Null Aware Operators
    5. Async/Await Challenge
    6. Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) Explained
    7. Networking in Flutter Apps with the HTTP Package
    8. JSON Parsing and Dynamic Types
    9. Getting Actual Weather Data from the OpenWeatherMap API
    10. Showing a Spinner While the User Waits
    11. Passing Data to a State Object
    12. Updating the Weather with the WeatherModel
    13. Refactoring the Location Methods
    14. Creating and Styling a TextField Widget for Text Entry
    15. Passing Data Backwards Through the Navigation Stack
  • Simple Cryptocurrency Price Tracker
    1. The Material DropdownButton Widget
    2. [Dart] Loops
    3. Building Widgets with Loops Solution
    4. Introducing Cupertino Widgets
    5. Building Platform Specific UI (iOS & Android)
  • Flutter x Firebase Cloud Firestore
    1. Named Routes Challenge
    2. [Dart] Static Modifier
    3. Refactor Routes with the Static Const
    4. Flutter Hero Animations
    5. Custom Flutter Animations with the Animation Controller
    6. [Dart] Mixins
    7. Prepackaged Flutter Animations
    8. Code Refactoring Challenge
    9. Creating a New Firebase Project
    10. Potential Problems When Incorporating Firebase
    11. Android Firebase Project Setup
    12. iOS Firebase Project Setup
    13. Registering Users with Firebase using FirebaseAuth
    14. Authenticating Users with FirebaseAuth
    15. Showing a Spinner while the User Waits
    16. Saving Data into Cloud Firestore
    17. Listening for Data from Firebase using Streams
    18. [Dart] Streams
    19. Turning Streams into Widgets Using the StreamBuilder
    20. The Flutter ListView
    21. A Different UI for Different Senders
    22. Cloud Firestore Authorization and Security Rules
  • Flutter State Management
    1. Todoey – Your very own To-Do List App
    2. Designing the To-Do List App
    3. The ListView Challenge
    4. The BottomSheet Widget
    5. What is State and How do we Manage it?
    6. How do Callbacks work in Dart?
    7. The ListView Builder
    8. Lifting State Up Challenge
    9. Flutter App Architecture Patterns
    10. Introducing the Provider Package
    11. Using a Provider and a ChangeNotifier to Manage State
    12. Adding New To-Do List Tasks
    13. Checking off To-Do List Tasks
    14. Deleting Tasks using the Provider Design Pattern


Flutter is very powerful and popular app development framework. You can use single codebase for frontend and backend. It provides powerful design experience. It has very good potential in future and the number of jobs is growing in Flutter. If you love to change the trend and work at top companies for app development – then Join Flutter Training.

After Flutter Training in Nepal you will pursue: • Basics of Dart Programming • Flutter framework and its installation and setup • Building Layouts and Animations • Understand all the fundamental concepts of Flutter development • Use of APIs • Data Storage in firebase as backend for your Flutter apps. • Authentication: How to use log in and register users • State Management • Deploying App in Play store and App Store

You will receive Flutter Training Completion Certification in the form of a course completion certificate. Certificate is available in both softcopy and hardcopy mode. It can be validated from our website and is accepted by hundreds of companies in Nepal. But you will only get certificate after completion of project.

Just to be sure you gathered good knowledge on Flutter App Development after training at IIT Nepal, you assign a project to each individual. It’s compulsory project. You will get hands on familiarity with the concepts learnt in Flutter. Mentors will support you in building your project. We do not leave our students unless they become strong at App development using Flutter Framework in Nepal. Join the most exceptional Flutter Course Training in Kathmandu. We provide you with the right platform with all types of assistance for your success.

In the context of Nepal, flutter developers with more than 2 years of experience are paid from Rs.35,000 to Rs.60,000. So, you can earn good amount of money as a flutter developer in Nepal.

As Flutter provides the best cross-platform app development, the number of companies are switching to Flutter Apps. There are number of companies working in Flutter. So, with good skills you can easily get interns in Kathmandu, Nepal as a Flutter Developer.

Flutter and React Native, both are cross-platform app development framework. React Native was introduced by Facebook and Flutter by Google. Both of the frameworks are quite easy to start with. Flutter includes native components. However, React use JavaScript to communicate with native modules. This makes React Native a bit poor in performance than Flutter. Hence, Flutter will be good choice than React Native. Moreover, the companies providing App Development in Nepal in React are switching to Flutter.

Yes! As flutter is cross platform app development framework. You can create Android, IOS and Desktop applications from a single code base using Flutter. It provides code re-usability.

We at IIT Nepal, train any course by analyzing your need. You can be completely beginner but still join this flutter app development training. You do not need any app development experience, but it is best if you know any programming language.

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