Data Science Training in Kathmandu, Nepal

Data Science Training Course is designed for students of Python Programming Language Understanding. Python PL is the best language to learn Data Science. IIT Nepal offers Data Science with Python Training in Kathmandu with an aim of producing certified data scientists. After the successful completion of this teaching at IIT Nepal, the students will be provided Data Science Certification accepted internationally. So, join Data Science Course in Nepal at Best IT training Institute in Kathmandu. You can also join Python with Django Training in Nepal.


   60 Days

Data Science Training in Kathmandu Syllabus

After joining Data Science Sessions in IIT Nepal. You will learn following topics:

  1. What is Data Science? Introduction to Data Science.
  2. How to become Data Scientist?
  3. Basic Python for Data Science.
  4. Numpy
  5. Pandas
  6. Matplotlib
  7. Plotly and cufflinks
  8. Scikit Learn
  9. Regression
    • Linear
    • Logistic
  1. K-Nearest Neighbor
  2. Decision Tree
  3. Random Forest
  4. K-Mean Clustering
  5. Principal Component Analysis (PCA)
  6. SVM (Support Vector Machine)
  7. NLP
  8. Time Series Analysis

Why Data Science Training in Kathmandu, Nepal

Data Science Course Completion enables you to:

  1. Get High Paying Jobs
  2. Choose your interests
  3. Follow Trends of Technology
  4. Solve business need

Why IIT Nepal?

IIT Nepal is a team of experienced Python Developers who have been working in the fields of Python for more than 8 years. IIT Nepal is the best IT training center in Nepal. Being taught at IIT Nepal provides you a better exposure. Training Data Science in Nepal from the best institute gives you following benefits.

  1. Experienced Mentors and Trainers
  2. Interns for capable candidates
  3. Real Time Experience
  4. Better Price
  5. Quality Education
  6. International Level Certification