Android App Development Training in Nepal

Java is a general propose programming language that is class-based and object-oriented. It is designed such that application developers can write once, run anywhere. Android is developed with the concept of Java(Object Oriented Programming).

With the growth of Mobile App Development, Android has been a best choice. In context of Nepal as well, Mobile App Development is at hype. You can get good paying Job after Training Android Mobile App Development in Nepal.

You can also go for Java Training in Nepal if you want to get better experience in java Language. Its better to train Java before joining Android Development. However, its not a compulsion.


   100 hrs [2 hrs/day | 5 day/week ]

Android App Development Training in Kathmandu Syllabus

JAVA Concepts needed for Android Training

  • Introduction
  • Arrays and lists
  • OOP’s Concepts and features
  • Inheritance
  • Packages and interfaces
  • Exception Handling

After some concepts of JAVA programming, we will move towards Android Development Classes using Android Studio.

1. Introduction to Android App Development

1.1 Installing Android SDK and Android studio

1.2 Build your first app

1.3 Run your app on emulator/phone

1.4 Android Architecture

1.5 App resources

1.6 App Manifest

1.7 Gradle overview

 2. Android components

2.1 Activities

2.2 Services

2.3 Broadcast Receivers

2.4 Content Providers

 3. Android Styles and toolbar

3.1 Overview

3.2 Set up toolbar

3.3 Adding and handle actions on the toolbar

3.4 Adding back navigation support to the toolbar

 4. Android Activity and Intents

4.1 Introduction

4.2 Activity Life-cycles

4.3 Intents

4.4 Toolbar

4.5 Communication between activities

4.5 Adding back navigation support to the toolbar

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 5. User Interface


5.2 Text-view

5.3 Button

5.4 EditText

5.5 Image-view

5.6 Others(Checkbox, Radio-button, Switch, etc.)

 6. Layouts

6.1 Linear-layout, Relative-layout and Constraint-layout

6.2 Creating a card-based layout

6.3 Creating layout by drag & drop and by using code

6.4 Creating responsive layouts

6.5 Toast

6.6 Dialog

6.7 Creating the navigation menu

6.8 View pager

6.9 Exercises

 7. Fragments

7.1 Introduction

7.2 Switching Fragments

7.3 Communication between fragments

7.4 Bundle

7.5 Interface

 8. Advanced UI

8.1 Selection components (Grid-view, List-view, Spinner )

8.2 Adapters, Custom Adapters(List-view and RecyclerView)

8.3 Building UI for performance

8.4 Menus

 9. Data Storage

9.1 Shared Preferences

9.2 Accessing file storage

9.3 Sq-lite

 10. Web Services and Web View

10.1 Consuming web services

10.2 Receiving HTTP Response (XML, JSON )

10.3 Parsing JSON and XML

10.4 Using Web View

 11. Camera

11.1 Taking pictures

11.2 Rendering previews

11.3 Working with bitmaps

 12. Communication

12.1 Firebase Introduction

12.1.1 Authentication

12.1.2 Data storage

12.1.3 File storage

12.1.4 Login

12.1.5 Fire-base login

12.1.6 Google login

12.2 Server communication

13. Creating an app

13.1 Using fire-base

13.2 Insert data into the fire-base database

13.3 Query data into firebase database

13.4 Display data using Recycle view

Why Android App Development Training in Nepal

This course is designed for students who are eager to learn about Android programming and want to develop a career as an Android Developer in Nepal . You’ll learn some Android architecture and the key principles underlying its design. You will gain an understanding of the processes that are involved in an Android development and you will become familiar with Android App development tools and user interface. You’ll also learn how to use Android Studio for developing apps using libraries to develop apps faster. By the end of the course, you’ll build an app that can store data independently to the database and access data from the server through API from the server. Also, you’ll learn how to develop standalone apps with full server communication using Fire-base after Android App Development Training in Nepal.

Some reasons why you must choose an Android Application development  course can be as below:

  1. Android is an open-source platform, it can be collected free to develop an app and expand its prototype.
  2. Android has no developmental condition like the IOS platform, Android is highly flexible to go after many developmental capabilities.
  3. A developer can use the Android open-source platform from anywhere or anytime through a system, device and internet connection.
  4. The mobile app industry is growing regarding the huge and growing user base, symbolize the influence of this system.
  5. Now a time software Companies are looking for mobile apps and software firms are turning to mobile app development. This growing situation has increased the demand for the aspect of Android developers.
  6. Developers can develop an android app for a business company with a software firm or they can work from their home as well by creating the mobile application.
  7. Android,  (Mobile Web Development) is now considered as the component of any business. So this course is highly demanded.
Opportunities after Android Training

As per the current trend, most of the people are now following the trend of freelancing, where anyone can apply for the job according to their qualifications. And Android App development is one of the most demanded courses of all time.  After the completion of this course, one can be able to develop stand-alone android applications that will help you in boosting your career. Also, you will be able to work for different software companies and as a freelancer. So join IIT Nepal(best IT training Institute) for Android App Training in Nepal.