Machine Learning is the filed of study that give the ability to the computer to learn itself without being explicit program. It is the one of the most research and evolving field in computer science in today market. “The ability to learn” Machine learning is using in many to IT company like google, Facebook, twitter. In Nepal also some of IT company are using the Machine Learning for their projects like Fuse Machine, Leapfrog, Brain Digit etc.

What is the Scope of Machine Learning in Nepal?

Though ML is hot topics in today’s market but in Nepal there are only a few companies who are using the Machine Learning so the Job vacancy is limited in the context of Nepal for machine learning but it’s also the lack of manpower company are not using the ML so if you want to learn the ML this is the right choice for you to learn and get hands-on knowledge in Machine Learning.

Which Programming Languge should use for ML ?

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